Client Case Study: Reinventing After-Sales Service: Eir's journey towards sustainability through IQUTECH's 'Repair to Pool' Services

Eir, a leading telecommunications provider in Ireland, services well over one million customers with fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services. An integral part of Eir's customer offering involves the provision of electronic products like modems and set-top boxes. Given the highly competitive nature of the market, with customers regularly switching providers, Eir continuously deals with a substantial flow of electronic products.

Successful Partnerships Powering Innovation

In 2017, iQuTech, a renowned specialist in returns management, partnered with Eir to revolutionize their after-sales services. The innovative approach of 'Repair to Pool', popularly adopted by global tech giants such as Apple, Dell, and Cisco, became the cornerstone of their collaborative efforts.

Apple's successful refurbishment and resale of older models through AppleCare, Dell's commendable recycling and management of end-of-life IT equipment, and Cisco's efficient repair and proper disposal of unrepairable hardware inspired iQuTech to design a unique approach for Eir. iQuTech used their Blocworx platform to manage and optimize Eir's return process, creating an effective solution that catered to Eir's specific needs.

Shortening eir's sustainability journey

Eir's telecoms goods were now collected, returned, and systematically processed at a central hub managed by IQUTECH. Each item was scanned, recorded, inspected, cleaned, tested, repaired or refurbished, and repackaged for reuse. In about 90% of returns, the products were found to have repairable cosmetic faults, ensuring a quick turnaround time. Only a small amount of returned goods, unsuitable for further use, were harvested for their parts, promoting a sustainable practice.

As a result of implementing 'Repair to Pool', Eir was able to emulate the success of the aforementioned tech giants by reducing electronic waste and cost, while simultaneously improving their after-sales service. The strategy increased the value of their stock significantly, supplementing Eir's supply chain, and contributed positively to their market valuation. This partnership not only saved Eir millions annually but also helped ensure a reliable supply during the Covid19 pandemic when global supply lines tightened.

Moreover, it propelled Eir on its path towards achieving its ambitious climate change targets. Drawing parallels with Hardware as a Service, this new model allowed Eir to provide the hardware and charge for their telecom services such as Broadband, TV, and Mobile, creating a seamless customer experience.



No fault is found with the stock and it is repackaged and sent to a new customer



Faults are cosmetic faults that can easily be repaired/ refurbished



iQuTech are now processing 80,000 units for Eir every month!

Sustainable Impact on Eir’s bottom line

This successful implementation of 'Repair to Pool' by Eir and iQuTech serves as a testament to the far-reaching benefits of this model. It is a sustainable, efficient solution for companies seeking to enhance their after-sales service and contribute positively to the environment, reflecting a promising trend for the future of product-led companies.

Join Eir in pioneering Repair to Pool

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