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Epidemic Management


Where do we provide Epidemic Management Services?

Epidemic Management is an activity that iQuTech currently provides across EMEA, North & South America in both manufacturing sites, logistics site and in our customer’s customer sites. iQuTech can support Epidemic Management Services anywhere on the globe on a case by case basis.


Who do we provide Epidemic Management Services to?

iQuTech provides Epidemic Management to Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, EMC, Unipower, Exertis and their tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers. In other words, we provide services to any company requiring our services in any location in EMEA, North & South America. We can provide these services outside of the above locations on a case by case basis.


How do we provide Epidemic Management Service?

The customer has either a product issue in their manufacturing site which has escaped to their customers’ manufacturing site or there is an issue in the field. The customer contacts us, they provide us with a work instruction, or a go-no go criteria that we implement. We enter the manufacturing, logistics, or customer site and implement the work instruction / criteria.

The result is that we have good stock and bad stock separated and the good stock is made available to our Clients customer. The bad stock may be recovered and iQuTech, in most cases, can assist this activity also.


Epidemic Management Services - Manufacturing & Field?

An Epidemic issue can come about for any one of several reasons.

It can be a manufacturing quality issue that only shows up after the units are shipped to the customer. It can be a field quality issue, where a new product or new software has been introduced and a hardware or software revision is required. It can be configured or re-configured to a specific region where the hardware or the software is not suitable and must be changed.

Epidemic issues occur when the same problem affects a large number of the same or similar units.

We provide these Epidemic Management services to contain epidemic issues and to turn products that are unusable to a product that can be used.