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On Site Verification


Where we provide On Site Verification

On site verification or failure analysis is an activity that iQuTech provides across Europe in companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Wistron and Inventec.


On Site Verification - Customers

iQuTech represents 14 companies across all of the above facilities. The supported products include  Set Top Box, Modems, CPE products, PSU, Rectifiers, Power Controllers, Motherboards, Cards, Optical Drives, HDD, SDD, Laptop Chassis, Desktop Chassis and Server Chassis.


How we provide On Site Verification

On Site Verification is provided in Central Returns Centres (CRCs) for the various manufacturers, where our engineers simulate factory / field conditions in order to replicate reported failure symptoms.


Why we provide On Site Verification

In some cases, the root cause of the issue is required via in depth failure analysis. In most cases, the vendor or the customer require the cause of the issue to be known. In other cases, there is a mismatch between OEM factory test strategy & the manufacturing site. iQuTech aligns this mis-match. In all cases, iQuTech can provide the answers & solutions.