Case Study: Keego Mobility

Keego Mobility, headquartered in Taiwan, specializes in last mile mobility solutions targeting the world's 30 million last-mile delivery riders. These delivery riders, working with platforms like Foodpanda, Foodora, JustEat, Getir, Bolt, and more trust in Keego ebikes for their deliveries on Europe’s streets.

Market-leading products deserve to be backed up by top of the line service and logistics and for this, Keego Mobility has turned to iQuTech.

"We are very happy to partner with iQuTech. Their expertise, obtained over two decades of servicing many of the world's most successful companies, will enable Keego Mobility to provide our customers with the highest standard of service," says Philip Corri, CEO, Keego Mobility.

iQuTech has warehouses in Ireland, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and the Netherlands. When a European customer places an order for ebikes, accessories or spare parts with Keego Mobility, iQuTech will quickly fulfill the order from the nearest warehouse.

Keego Mobility primarily targets Fleet companies who lease ebikes to delivery companies and couriers. These companies rely on iQuTech for support with maintenance, repairs, and warranty returns. Upon reaching the end of their lifecycle, Keego Mobility's ebikes and accessories undergo refurbishment by iQuTech, ensuring usable parts are recycled and reused, while all other materials are responsibly recycled according to stringent standards.

"Keego Mobility is a leader in green delivery vehicles and iQuTech is a pioneer in Circular Managed Solutions, we share the same environmental values," says Mark O'Sullivan, Co-Founder & Global Director of Future Mobility at IQUTECH.

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