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Iqutech was founded in 2009 by John Kennedy and Mark O’Sullivan. Having worked in competition with each other for over ten years, John and Mark decided to join forces and create a single company providing RMA, OSV and Rework Services to the Irish market. Iqutech quickly built a reputation for quality and attention to detail. Working with some of the biggest companies in the country, including Dell Manufacturing, Iqutech soon employed 270 people across Ireland.

In 2012, Dell Manufacturing moved its entire production plant to Poland. As work in Ireland reduced significantly, staff numbers in Iqutech dropped from 270 to just 5 people across all departments. John and Mark knew that Iqutech had to grow its reach in order to survive. They took the brave move to expand into Europe, creating new hubs in Poland and the Czech Republic. Not long after this their bravery paid off, when Iqutech was awarded a substantial contract in their new Czech Republic hub. This new contract further expanded their reach into 4 other countries and is still an integral part of Iqutech’s customer portfolio today.

As Iqutech’s international contracts continued to grow, so did their reputation. In 2016, Iqutech was approached to tender for a large RMA contract with Ireland’s leading telecoms company, Eir, which they successfully won. Since 2017 they have been providing a bespoke RMA service to Eir both on-site and in Iqutech’s new state-of-the art Return Management Facility in Annacotty, Co. Limerick. A facility that not only houses their European HQ but now handles over 80k parts per month.

With their experienced team, Iqutech has over 20 years of experience in providing High Volume Returns Management Services across the globe. This experience coupled with their unrivalled attention to detail and class-leading customer service, is why Iquetch has designed Return Management Solutions for some of the world's biggest companies and are currently working with 13 of the top OEM’s in Europe, including 4 of the world’s leading OEM’s.

Iqutech’s resilience and ability to evolve has seen them not only survive a recession and a pandemic but grow their business globally in that time. They continuously stay ahead of the curve and are experts in digitalisation, automation and software development. All of which makes them one of Europe's leading RMA Consultancies.

From the outset, Iqutech was always focused on the importance of the circular economy and how it could benefit the planet. Now a fully carbon negative company, Iqutech continues to offer sustainable circular economy solutions across multiple industries including, consumer electronics, telecoms, automotive, med tech, aerospace and food. Their technical capabilities, software solutions and unrivalled knowledge allows them to create an RMA solution for any industry.


Mark O'Sullivan

Global Business Development

John Kennedy

COO & Ireland Operations

Dusan Olejar

COO Czech Republic

Grzegorz Wojciechowski

COO Poland

Ann Clancy

Finance Officer

Barbara Lynch

Product Lead

Neringa Balandyte

Warehouse Manager Ireland

Paul Hall

Logistics Lead

White logo stating iqutech


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