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iQuTech has been servicing Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, EMC and their Tier 1 suppliers since 2005. The iQuTech management team have more than 30 years experience in  the service industry. We provide after sales support to our customers across Europe, North & South America. iQuTech currently services the PC Industry, the Telecoms Industry and the Power Industry.  

Manufacturing Support

iQuTech has been providing manufacturing support services for companies such as Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, EMC and their Tier 1 suppliers since 2005. The owners of iQuTech have more than 30 years plus experience between them.

We offer these services in the above manufacturing sites and in our European facilities in Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland. We also provide these service in our North American facilities in El Paso & Indiana as well as South American facilities.

We have designed, developed and implemented manufacturing support solutions for some of the largest manufacturers on the planet. These services include Manufacturing RMA Management, where we provide everything from RMA Processing to component level repair. We provide “epidemic” product failure containment in manufacturing sites minimising the cost of product recalls for our customers and we provide Root Cause analysis, Corrective Action support and Onsite Verification.

Field Support

iQuTech Field Support is made up of two primary activities – Field Excursions & Field RMA Management.

A Field Excursion is where our customers have a product in the field, in a third party warehouse or in a manufacturing site. It needs inspection for an issue or requires alteration to accommodate a customer request or requires alteration to be of use in another region. Our services are engaged, we send a team into the site and we implement the SOP or work instruction. The product is then released to our Clients’ customers.

Field RMA Management are services, where a product has been sold and is either under warranty, where our customer is responsible for the repair / refurbishment / replacement of the part or it is out of warranty where the customer has to pay for the repair / refurbishment / replacement. We have implemented RMA solutions in all of our manufacturing support sites and in our facilities in Ireland & the Netherlands. Our sites in the Czech Republic & Ireland provides our customers with an RMA Centre for both Field & Manufacturing RMA Management, where we provide everything from simple RMA Processing to RMA component level repair & Refurbishment services.


Refurbished products have all the standards of new products with the exception that they have been used in some form or fashion in the past.

Cosmetic, mechanical and functional fails can all be repaired. In some cases, companies utilize refurbished products as service stock.
In other cases, refurbished products are sold at a discount or into other markets.

We here at iQuTech provide refurbishment services across the globe.

End of Life

End of Life services or Life Cycle Services has several possible streams – Recycling & Re-Use, Data Management / Destruction, Up-Cycling, Mineral Refinery, Brand Protection, Re-Manufacturing, Service Stock, Piece Part Harvesting.