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Return Material Authorisation


Where we provide RMA Management

RMA (Returns Material Authorisation) Management is an activity that iQuTech provides in the Czech Republic & Ireland


Who do we do RMA Management for?

iQuTech provides RMA Management for several companies across Europe in our facilities in Ireland & the Czech Republic. These companies are large multi-national companies that supply products to PC companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo & Acer, the Automotive Industry and the Telecoms Industry among others. These companies supply: Telecommunication CPE Products - Set Top Boxes (STB), Broadband Modems - eFibre Modems & ADSL Modems, Home Plugs, PSU & assorted peripherals; Technipower / Telecom Data Centre Products: Rectifiers, Controllers, UPSU, AC-DC Converters, Racking Systems, Battery Systems, DC-DC Converters. Consumer Electronics - motherboards, pc chassis, notebook chassis, server chassis, notebooks, desktops & servers; Automotive Products - Cable Harnesses, Environmental Control Systems, Mechanical Assembles, PCB Controllers.


How we provide RMA Management

We provide RMA to a number of clients, we receive the pre-alerted stock and we verify the RMA. Our engineers simulate factory / field conditions in order to replicate reported failure symptoms. We repair where possible and/or dispose of the material accordingly.


Why do we provide RMA Management

We provide RMA Management services so that our customers can take stock of an unknown status, bring it into our facility and verify the status of the product. In the case where the unit is verified as a failed unit, we then provide repair services, unless the unit is beyond economical repair, in which case, we dispose of the materials according to our customers’ requirements. This may be RTV, scrap locally or harvest for piece parts.