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Why work with iqutech?
iQuTech is a dynamic company that is constantly evolving, implementing best practice in all dimensions of its business. We strive to add new services, enter new markets and look to find ways to improve our company and in turn improve our customers’ business.


iQuTech has been servicing Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, EMC and their Tier 1 suppliers since 2005. The owners of iQuTech have been providing these same services for more than 30 years between them. We provide after sales support to our customers across Europe. We offer these services in the above manufacturing sites and in our own facilities in Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland. We are also in the process of opening a facility in the UK offering our full suite of services.

Iqutech experience


We have designed, developed and implemented after sales solutions for some of the largest manufacturers on the planet. Our site in the Czech Republic provides our customers with a European RMA Centre, where we provide everything from RMA Processing to component level repair. We provide “epidemic” product failure containment both in manufacturing sites and in the field minimising the cost of product recalls for our customers.

It is our mission, the mission of iQuTech to become “best of breed” in the provision of after sales services to manufacturing companies and their tier one suppliers, through the implementation of best practice processes and evolutionary technologies in every aspect of our business.


iQuTech's vision is to be recognised as the "best of Breed" in providing RMA Management Services, Failure Analysis Services and Epidemic Management services in our customers eyes.


Our customer centric bias allows us to evolve with the market rather than predicting what the market will be, we simply ask “what do you want iQuTech to be?”. We provide good old fashioned customer services with local values on an international scale allowing our customers to make promises that become our goals. Customer satisfaction is the only metric that matters.