客戶案例研究:重塑售後服務:Eir 透過 IQUTECH 的「維修泳池」服務邁向永續發展之路
Client Case Study: Reinventing After-Sales Service: Eir's journey towards sustainability through IQUTECH's 'Repair to Pool' Services

Eir 是愛爾蘭領先的電信供應商,為超過 100 萬客戶提供固網和行動電信服務。 Eir 客戶服務的一個組成部分涉及提供數據機和機上盒等電子產品。 鑑於市場競爭激烈,客戶經常更換供應商,Eir 不斷處理大量電子產品。
Eir, a leading telecommunications provider in Ireland, services well over one million customers with fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services. An integral part of Eir's customer offering involves the provision of electronic products like modems and set-top boxes. Given the highly competitive nature of the market, with customers regularly switching providers, Eir continuously deals with a substantial flow of electronic products.

Successful Partnerships Powering Innovation 成功的合作關係推動創新

In 2017, iQuTech, a renowned specialist in returns management, partnered with Eir to revolutionize their after-sales services. The innovative approach of 'Repair to Pool', popularly adopted by global tech giants such as Apple, Dell, and Cisco, became the cornerstone of their collaborative efforts.
2017 年,著名的退貨管理專家 iQuTech 與 Eir 合作,徹底改變了他們的售後服務。 蘋果、戴爾、思科等全球科技巨頭普遍採用的「Repair to Pool」創新方法成為他們合作的基石。

Apple's successful refurbishment and resale of older models through AppleCare, Dell's commendable recycling and management of end-of-life IT equipment, and Cisco's efficient repair and proper disposal of unrepairable hardware inspired iQuTech to design a unique approach for Eir. iQuTech used their Blocworx platform to manage and optimize Eir's return process, creating an effective solution that catered to Eir's specific needs.
Apple 透過 AppleCare 成功翻新和轉售舊型號,戴爾對報廢 IT 設備值得稱讚的回收和管理,以及思科對無法修復硬體的高效維修和正確處置,這些都啟發 iQuTech 為 Eir 設計了一種獨特的方法。 iQuTech 使用其 Blocworx 平台來管理和最佳化 Eir 的退貨流程,創建滿足 Eir 特定需求的有效解決方案

Shortening eir's sustainability journey 縮短 eir 的可持續發展之旅

Eir's telecoms goods were now collected, returned, and systematically processed at a central hub managed by IQUTECH. Each item was scanned, recorded, inspected, cleaned, tested, repaired or refurbished, and repackaged for reuse. In about 90% of returns, the products were found to have repairable cosmetic faults, ensuring a quick turnaround time. Only a small amount of returned goods, unsuitable for further use, were harvested for their parts, promoting a sustainable practice.
Eir 的電信產品現已在 IQUTECH 管理的中央樞紐進行收集、退回和系統處理。 每件物品都經過掃描、記錄、檢查、清潔、測試、修理或翻新,並重新包裝以供重複使用。 在大約 90% 的退貨中,產品被發現存在可修復的外觀缺陷,從而確保了快速的周轉時間。 只有少量不適合進一步使用的退回貨物被收穫作為其零件,從而促進了可持續的做法。

As a result of implementing 'Repair to Pool', Eir was able to emulate the success of the aforementioned tech giants by reducing electronic waste and cost, while simultaneously improving their after-sales service. The strategy increased the value of their stock significantly, supplementing Eir's supply chain, and contributed positively to their market valuation. This partnership not only saved Eir millions annually but also helped ensure a reliable supply during the Covid19 pandemic when global supply lines tightened.
透過實施“Repair to Pool”,Eir 能夠效仿上述科技巨頭的成功,減少電子廢棄物和成本,同時改善售後服務。 該策略顯著增加了他們的股票價值,補充了 Eir 的供應鏈,並對他們的市場估值做出了積極貢獻。 這種合作關係不僅每年為愛爾蘭節省了數百萬美元,而且還有助於確保新冠肺炎疫情期間全球供應線收緊時的可靠供應。

Moreover, it propelled Eir on its path towards achieving its ambitious climate change targets. Drawing parallels with Hardware as a Service, this new model allowed Eir to provide the hardware and charge for their telecom services such as Broadband, TV, and Mobile, creating a seamless customer experience.
此外,它還推動 Eir 實現其雄心勃勃的氣候變遷目標。 與硬體即服務類似,這種新模式允許 Eir 為其寬頻、電視和行動等電信服務提供硬體和收費,從而創造無縫的客戶體驗。



No fault is found with the stock and it is repackaged and sent to a new customer



Faults are cosmetic faults that can easily be repaired/ refurbished



iQuTech are now processing 80,000 units for Eir every month!
iQuTech 現在每月為 Eir 加工 80,000 個單位!

Sustainable Impact on Eir’s bottom line 對 Eir 利潤的可持續影響

This successful implementation of 'Repair to Pool' by Eir and iQuTech serves as a testament to the far-reaching benefits of this model. It is a sustainable, efficient solution for companies seeking to enhance their after-sales service and contribute positively to the environment, reflecting a promising trend for the future of product-led companies.
Eir 和 iQuTech 成功實施的「Repair to Pool」證明了該模式具有深遠的優勢。 對於尋求增強售後服務並為環境做出積極貢獻的公司來說,這是一個可持續、高效的解決方案,反映了產品主導型公司未來的光明趨勢。

Join Eir in pioneering Repair to Pool 與 Eir 一起開創水池修復的先河

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